Explore new professional relationships at events

  • Who should you meet? Say Hello!

  • Quick CRM updates


Team Inbox Search

  • Search email interactions between organizations, not just people

  • Manage Strategic Accounts

  • Stay on top of sales activity with reports like
    • Last Point of Contact and Activity

    • Duplicate Opportunity Flagging

    • Strategic Accounts Update

One-click organization-wide email search!

Seamless CRM updates

CoSight.io learns your organization's CRM from email traffic, and delivers it in an inviting mobile interface.

  • Get notified of stage conversions as they happen

  • Inspect or roll-back any changes using a clean mobile interface

  • All updates are automatically synced with Salesforce.com

Automatic CRM updates with manual override


Always. be. Closing.

Did you hear about the star sales guy who chatted with a CEO, uncovered a critical business problem, and sold a 'solution' not a 'product'? Let's face it, we all want to be that star, and add value every time we make a sales contact. But such pro-tips aren't applicable in a high-volume inside sales environment. You don't always have time to research each new lead, and it's hard to stay on top of an exploding client list.

Team Inbox Search allows you to search through your organization's interactions with other organizations in one-click. Worried about privacy? So are we! This is why we allow you to black-list specific email addresses and conversations that will then not be indexed.

Updating CRM is now seamless. All indexed emails are automatically clustered into various stages of your sales pipeline using our proprietary natural language processing algorithms. As you send emails, deal stages update automatically! You can always roll back these changes if you wish. The days of manual CRM udpates are finally coming to an end!

So go ahead. Be efficient. Be prepared. Sell more.

Our Team

Debnath Sinha

Debnath covers product development at CoSight. Prior to this he was at Salesforce.com (Analytics) in San Francisco and Cisco in San Jose. He loves long drives, bike rides, and Philz Coffee!

Email @d3bnath

Srinath Sinha

Srinath covers design and business development at CoSight. Right before this he was at the World Bank in Washington DC. He's always on the prowl for new work-friendly coffee shops, and makes a mean cheesecake.

Email @sinhasrinath